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Our Recommended Products

Several of the questions that we get from our clients are about what products we use:

After spending hundreds- coughs, more like thousands- of dollars looking for the best products out there, we have put together a list of our favorite ones.  


We only recommend products we use ourselves and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, we may earn a small commission, we appreciate your support. 


If you have questions about products that are not on here, let us know and we'll be happy to give your our opinion. 

Food Pouches

Even though these pouches are sold as ammo pouches, they are actually perfect as treat pouches too. They have the an easy to access opening for the food, side bags for the poopy bags and an extra pocket for your phone. We like them because they are more durable than standard treat pouches and they are also cheaper.

Play and Train

Play is a great way to bond and train with your dog. For some dogs a toy is more rewarding than food and it is an excellent way to work them out. We like this ball as it is durable and the strap allows for better control of the ball and easier transportation during hikes. We recommend this for larger dog breeds.

Dog Collar

A good dog collar can help you direct your dog and keep him or her safe and visible. No matter how often your pup takes a dip in the creek, this one won't smell, it is easy to clean and you can have your info engraved on it. We attached an AirTag in a silione AirTag holder to ours. The neon orange collar is great to add visibility.

Apple AirTag

One in three pets will become lost at some point in their lives. If that ever happens to your dog you will be glad to have one of these babies on their collar. It will allow you to find your best friend's location on you phone within centimeters.

AirTag Holder for Collar

This silicone AirTag holder has kept our AirTags dry and securely attached to our dog's collars during several adventurous hikes and play sessions.

Long/Drag Leash

A long leash is essential to training your dog. The length of the leash gives your dog the felling of being off- leash which brings tremendous physical and mental benefits. At the same time you still have control over your dog.

Leather Leash

This is a must-have basic. We love the quality of the leather of this leash, it is soft, strong and the braided look is very sleek, in our humble opinion. A 6 FT leash is a good length to give your dog some freedom while also communicating with them a radius within you want them to stay in.

Dark Winter Walks

Don't let the darkness keep you from going out with your pooch. This LED collar and leash will turn heads and will keep Xavier visible during the darkest nights.

Chewing - Large Dog

Chewing is healthy and a necessity for dogs, as it entertains and helps them release stress. We've found Kongs to be extremely durable and entertaining for your pup, just smear some peanut butter in the hole freeze it and watch your dog spend hours chewing on it.

Teething - Puppies

It's important to give your puppy options for chewing. The Kong binkie has a hole in which you can put treats. Then, give it to your pup to entertain him/her. We recommend Kong because their products are durable and well designed, this one is specifically designed for puppies.

Slow Feeder Beginner

For those fast eaters, a slow feeder can be very beneficial to prevent obesity, bloat and improve digestion.

Slow Feeder Advanced

This 2-level in-1 slow feeder is great to help your pup eat slower and think while they do so. It is great mental stimulation and also for their digestion.


A harness is a great tool to signalize to people how to behave around your dog. We found this harness to be the best fitting for different size dogs. It's secure, adjustable and customizable. They carry it in different colors.

Large Dog Bed

It's important that your dog has his/her "place" so that you can send them there to relax when you want them to. Our dogs love this bed.

Potty Bells

The sound of the doorbell serves as positive reinforcement each time the dog rings it, helping to reinforce the desired behavior. Consistent use of the doorbell will help the dog associate it with going potty.

Lint/Hair Remover

If you have a dog, you know about the fur struggle (some more than others). This device is eco-friendly and does an excellent job getting hair off the hardest spots. Our favorite is using it on the steps that are so difficult to vacuum.

Nail Clipper

This nail clipper has an LED light that helps you see your dog's blood supply, aka quick, if Xena has light colored nails. The nail storage box helps keep things clean.

Snout and Paws Soother

Sometimes our dog's nose or paw pads can get dry and cracked, we saw siginificant improvements when applying this to the affected area.

Dog Paw Cleaner

Muddy paws can leave a real trace in your home. This nifty device helps get your fur baby's paws clean without having to get out the hose or bathe your dog.

Seat Cover

Dogs need to get outside and explore. This car seat cover is the perfect solution to be able to take your pup everywhere while also keeping your car clean.

Dog Whistle

Recall is the most important command to keep your dog out of any dangerous situation. You want him/her to be able to hear your command and pinpoint where you are, this where a dog whistle comes in handy.

Cat Training

It is very important to provide safety when socializing a dog with a cat. We find clear or mesh backpacks a great tool for this. This one has an expandable area for bigger cats or to allow your cat to move around.

Speaking Buttons

These buttons can be a great training tool, you can record whatever you want with your own voice on them for example "potty". Now your dog can press those buttons to communicate with you.

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