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Our eXpert trainer will visit your home to evaluate your dog's behavior, surroundings, and your personal training goals. They will provide personalized training advice and develop a customized plan to meet the unique needs of you and your pup. There is no limit on the duration of this service, ensuring that you and your dog receive the comprehensive training you need to succeed.


Dog Training - Initial Consultation

Our one-on-one lessons offer personalized instruction in a park or other public area. Our eXpert will work with you and your dog to address your specific goals. Each session lasts approximately one hour.


Dog Training - 1-on-1 session with you and your dog

Experience worry-free dog boarding with us! Our cozy, secure facilities offer a home-like atmosphere where your pet receives personalized care and plenty of TLC. Our dedicated staff ensures a stress-free stay, complete with regular exercise and socialization. Travel with peace of mind, knowing your furry friend is in capable and caring hands.

$75 x night

Family Boarding

Our board and train service offers a unique family environment for your dog, with a limited amount of dogs in training at a time. Your dog will have 24/7 training, socialization, and eXcursions to ensure a well-rounded eXperience. In addition to the training, your dog will be treated like a member of our family, with plenty of love, attention and exercise. We'll provide regular updates and give you the tools to continue the training when your dog returns home.

$150 x night for adult dogs, $180 x night for puppies

Family Board and Train

Enjoy your vacation while knowing that your dog is in the comfort of their own home, being treated like a VIP. We offer overnight stays or drop-in visits. Prior to your departure, we will come to your house to make sure we know where Xavier’s food and toys are. We also offer additional walking, at-home grooming, training and house-sitting services on demand.

Prices Vary Depending on Distance and Services Chosen

Pet Sitting - VIP Spawcation

Our tracking dog service specializes in locating lost pets and wildlife. Utilizing trained tracking dogs and their keen sense of smell, we are able to quickly and accurately locate missing dogs, pets and wildlife. Contact us immediately if your pet goes missing and we will deploy our tracking dog to find them as soon as possible.

Prices Vary Depending on Distance and Time

Tracking Services

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